6 Best Running Sunglasses 2018

If you’re looking for the best sunglasses to use while you’re out running, our detailed guide below will help you choose the right pair.

Things to Consider for Running Sunglasses

The main goal of sunglasses is to protect your eyes, and there are a few things your sunglasses need in order to do this well.

  • Shatter Resistant. The last thing you want the glasses to do is shatter into small pieces around your eyes if something hits them. Make sure you get a pair of shatter resistant sunglasses for ultimate protection.
  • Polarized. This will help to reduce the glare on really bright, sunny days (or in the winter, when the light reflects off snow). If you prefer trail running near lakes or rivers, polarized sunglasses are a must.
  • Photochromic. These get darker when you step outdoors and lighter when you head back indoors. Great if you want to continue wearing the glasses after you run or even during everyday use.
  • Adjustable. Some glasses are quite easy to adjust in order to achieve the desired effect. Some lenses will easily snap away from the arm so that you can change them out, or adjust the nose pad for comfort. When you’re out running, this is a great feature because it will allow you to secure them on your face as you move (think of how much you bounce and shake the glasses as you run) and then return them to normal once you’re done running.

Top 6 Sunglasses for Running Overview Chart

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. Smith Pivlock V90 Sunglasses$$$4.8
2. Oakley Men's Radar Path Sunglasses$$$$4.5
3. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses Sports Wrap$$4.5
4. Suncloud Zephyr Polarized Sunglass$$4.5
5. Tifosi Jet 0210400677 Wrap Sunglasses$$4.2
6. Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses$4.2

Buying Information

Many sunglasses have lenses that come in a variety of colors, but does this make a difference when you are looking through the lenses? The answer is yes.

Browns and ambers are great in high-glare situations. Green reduces eyestrain and offers higher contrast in low light situations. Grey is neutral, and allows the eye to see, for the most part, the true colors that one would see when the sunglasses are removed. Vermillion is great in high-glare situations (such as the sun reflecting off the snow. Finally, there are yellow tinted lenses, which offer great depth perception and contrast in low light.

Some are mirrored, which reflect the majority of the light that hits their surface.

These are all great options for running sunglasses.

Top 3 Best Running Sunglasses Reviews

1. Smith Pivlock V90

The Smith Pivlock V90 sunglasses are the ultimate running sunglasses. If you work up a good sweat at you run, the rubber nose grip will keep these glasses in place instead of sliding around. You want to focus on the run, not on your sunglasses.

The rimless lenses are tapered so that the image you see when you look through them is not distorted. The fact that they are rimless is a huge bonus. If you are running a marathon, these allow you to see clearly without any rims blocking your view. They also offer great coverage so that the eye is completely blocked from UV rays.

With a lifetime warranty and a reasonable price tag, these are the best sunglasses for running.

2. Oakley Men’s Radar Path

We really like the Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses, and even though they are the most expensive on our list, they are well worth the investment.

They are 100% UV protection coated, polarized, durable and lightweight; all very important factors when you are out pounding the pavement or trail running. The snug fit means that they will stay in place, whether you are out for a light jog or an intensive run.

Amazing protection and also stylish for everyday use: you’ll get your money’s worth with these sunglasses.

3. Duduma Polarized Sports

Our third choice for the best running sunglasses are the Duduman Polarized Sports Sunglasses. They will protect your eyes against both UVA and UVB rays, they are shatter resistant, scratch resistant, lightweight and durable. Everything you need as you are out running!

The nose pads are comfortable, not hard like some other brands. If you sweat, they will stick to your face and the fit is great on all shapes and sizes. It offers great overall coverage around the eyes and comes in a variety of colors.

You also get a lifetime breakage warranty on the frames and the lenses.

The Duduman and Oakley sunglasses are great, but the Smith Pivlock V90s are our top pick for the best running sunglasses in terms of quality and price. We highly recommend them if you are serious about getting the best running gear for this great sport.

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