6 Best Running Shorts for Women 2018

Female runners know that finding a suitable pair of running shorts can be a real hassle. Every brand has their own materials and construction, and knowing your size can be tricky. That’s why we found the absolute best running shorts for women and used them to create this easy-to-use purchasing guide. This is your one-stop resource for finding what you need…quick.

A Few Things to Consider

  • Style. Think about how you’ll use your new shorts to determine which style you want.

If you’re prone to chafing you may prefer a long pair of compression shorts.

If you’re trying to drop bulk and want lots of leg room you’ll likely choose a short pair of split shorts.

Knowing what style you want will help you refine your search results so you only have to look at items you might like.

  • Construction. Your garment should be well constructed no matter what style you choose.

Look for minimal seams to reduce the chance of chafing. And make sure the material will tolerate your level of use.

  • Material. Exercise clothing comes in a variety of materials including cotton blends, spandex, polyester. Some of them are good for wicking moisture away from your body; others are better for insulation.

Also, don’t forget to read the label to make sure you’re able to properly care for the item.

Top 10 Running Shorts for Women Comparison

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. Oiselle Women's Long Roga Shorts$$$4.8
2. CW-X Women's Stabilyx Ventilator Shorts (Black, X-Small)$$$$4.6
3. Asics Women's 4.5-Inch Everysport 4-Way Stretch II Shorts$$4.6
4. Under Armour Women's UA Great Escape Shorts II MD$4.5
5. Oiselle Women's Distance Shorts$$$4.5
6. Asics Women's Core Pocketed Short$4.0

Top 3 Best Running Shorts for Women Reviews

1. Oiselle Long Roga Shorts

It’s easy to like a company whose sponsored elite athlete is Kara Goucher. You just know that such a down-to-earth hardworking athlete wouldn’t be associated with anything but the best. And that’s exactly what we discovered when we tried Oiselle’s Long Roga Shorts.

The polyester/spandex fabric stretches all directions so they’re not restrictive at all. Also, they’re machine washable making them super easy to clean.

These fit fairly true to size; most of us here matched up easily to Oiselle’s size chart. The Long Roga Shorts are the perfect combination of fitted and loose. They give you nice silhouette that doesn’t ride up or chafe. At the same time they’re loose enough for full range of motion.

Oiselle gave them a lower rise than most other running shorts but the drawstring keeps them in place. The low rise actually makes them really comfortable during post-workout yoga and stretching. The extra length is nice, too, because it gives extra coverage.

Oiselle’s Long Roga Shorts are a good intermediate between compression shorts and bermuda shorts. They’ll serve you well running or in other activities.

2. CW-X Stabilyx Ventilator Shorts

Premium brand CW-X blends activity and recovery with its specialized construction. Their apparel aims to help you work harder and recover faster.

Stabilyx Ventilator Shorts are constructed of typical fabrics (lycra and spandex) but you immediately notice that the garment consists of several panels of fabric facing different directions. It looks like the seams would be a nightmare.

Even with its complex construction these are still machine washable and easy to maintain. These are very well-constructed with flat seams. Compression gear is supposed to be tight; keep that in mind when choosing a size.

When trying these we find that those weird panels serve a bonafide purpose. They’re structured to support your muscles and joints. It’s a similar feeling as using tape for that purpose. The high waist gives support to our lower back and hips.

The overall feeling is snug and quite comfortable. The mesh panels on the quads adequately ventilate. The extra support of the compression is a really nice touch for decreasing post-workout soreness.

Stabilyx Ventilator Shorts by CW-X are what you want to wear during really hard workouts. They’re the perfect combination of support and comfort.

3. Asics Everysport Stretch II Shorts

Lots of shoe companies have expanded their product offerings to include clothing and accessories. The Everysport II Short showed us that it’s entirely possible to maintain quality standards as a company diversifies.

These, like the Oiselle, sit low on the hips. The waistband is incredibly comfortable; it doesn’t ride up or chafe at all.

The microfiber Everysport II Short stretches in every direction and is super light. Wearing them feels like nothing at all. These are, however, a lot shorter than the Oiselle.

They’re short but still provide adequate coverage while running. Mesh side panels allow for airflow instead of them having a split. We found that these dry incredibly quick so they’re good for any kind of run.

We did like Asics addition of a zippered security pocket instead of the regular flap opening. Keys stayed secure without bunching. And we didn’t have to worry about dropping our money or identification.

Asics’ Everysport II Short is easily your everyday running short. They’re lightweight and provide secure storage.

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